Flood & Disaster Management

Groundwater Modelling

Groundwater models can act as powerful simulation tools that depict groundwater flow processes and predict aquifer conditions. Jomiso works with your team to address critical challenges and tailor custom solutions to formulate a modelling solution that informs key decision-makers and fits right within your legislative requirements. We have the expertise to develop numerical groundwater models for a wide range of project scales and complexities. Our models can be reused over time to make other informed decisions that may arise in the future.

Groundwater Yield Assessment

Jomiso’s groundwater analysis helps make critical decisions based on the groundwater yield of a particular land. We understand reliable and robust data is key to successful groundwater investigations. Through this, we aim to help define aquifer properties and behaviour, provide access to frequent real-time monitoring of your groundwater assets, and help predict potential impacts through modelling. Based on the data collected, Jomiso includes forecasting the future use of water resources based on various exploitation alternatives.

Hydrogeological Assessment and Mapping

Global groundwater replenishment rates are decreasing and are a massive cause of concern. It is essential to map, model and quantify the current stored volumes and the annual replenishment of groundwater to take necessary actions and build solutions that encourage sustainable water supply development. In many cases, hydrogeological assessments and mapping are a regulatory mandate to ensure that there are no unacceptable outcomes that affect groundwater resources, and that sufficient quantities of good quality water is readily available.

The team at Jomiso is capable of handling detailed hydrogeological site assessments using documented research, intrusive site investigation, installation of instruments, monitoring, sampling, and reporting of data to meet regulatory compliance and incorporate stringent quality adherence regardless of project demands

Our assessment methodologies are scientifically backed and presented in an easy-to-understand data sheet that shows the breakdown of issues such as quantity, quality, and contamination levels of the groundwater and more present in the area.