About Us

We are a group of professionals drawn together to solve water resource challenges such as water shortages, pollution, quality, drought, floods, flash floods, urban flooding, and increasing water demands from various towns and cities. As more regions begin to experience these challenges, clean, usable water is likely to become scarce and a binding constraint in many regions’ economic and social development. The time to act is now!

We understand water exceptionally well throughout its value chain right from origination to end use. We cater to every touchpoint of our customers by providing consulting and engineering services across water resource development, disaster management, environment management (including water and wastewater), community development, water planning, urban planning, information technology services, and more.

Our team is built with a highly qualified, talented, experienced, and skilled pool of hydrogeologists, hydrologists, flood modellers, hydraulic engineers, GIS experts, environmental professionals and more. Collectively, our experience totals up to more than 50 professional years. Our team has successfully worked on mission-critical projects of high complexity, meeting and managing the demands of multiple stakeholders.

Our secret to every project success lies in living and imbibing with the local community to learn and understand their challenges first-hand. We ensure the solutions we provide directly impact their lives on a sustainable platform without damaging vital ecosystems.

Who We Are

Right Minds, Brilliant Team

Jomiso is a full-suite water resource consulting firm dedicated to transforming how water is channelled, optimised and consumed in communities across the globe. Our mission is to ensure we provide the best-in-class services for various infrastructure projects working with local governments and their stakeholders. We pride ourselves on excellence and have a team of highly skilled engineers with water rooted deeply in their DNA. Our team boasts of many successful projects under our belt to date. We work with local governments to strategise, implement, and govern water bodies while enabling communities and their people.

What We Do

Jomiso’s water resource engineering services portfolio expands across a plethora of expertise. Our team is equipped and experienced to handle irrigation and agricultural engineering projects, surface and groundwater hydrology, hydraulics, instrumentation, civil engineering designs, and more. Here’s how we can help you transform your land and its resources:

1)Integrated Water Resources Management

We provide innovative and integrated solutions to promote the development and management of water resources with no compromise to sustainability or vital ecosystems.

2)Flood and Disaster Management

We help protect communities from water-related disasters by deep-diving into understanding land structures, characteristics, and behaviours.We build and design early warning systems and flood models to enable disaster risk prevention and mitigation.

3)Instrumentation and System Integration

We use modern technology and instruments to transform raw data into useful and actionable insights for improved decision making.

4)Groundwater Management

We help you understand and unlock groundwater resources and their myriad potential. Our experts use modern tools and methodologies for hydrogeological assessments and for planning the sustainable usage of groundwater.

5)GIS-Based Services and Solutions

Discover your GIS potential by analysing, managing, integrating, and manipulating spatial data to map it in interactive ways and enhance location intelligence for effective decision making.

Our Approach

Jomiso’s capabilities in delivering innovative, integrated and multi-disciplinary solutions to address water resource management challenges lie deep within our DNA. Our services address the entire life-cycle stages of water utilisation patterns from conceptualisation to implementation, operation and final output.

Our golden execution framework ensures the highest operational efficiency, with the latest in-class technology and know-how, for unmatched output excellence. Strategy, governance, risk management, metrics, and targets are an essential part of our approach to ensuring that every project has value delivered beyond tangible assets. We strive to ensure that communities are uplifted, and the impact of our work is felt in every household and inhabitant of the land.

Core Purpose

To impact lives personally by providing innovative solutions and infrastructures that enable sustainable ecosystems for local communities and lifeforms.

Core Values

Our values stem from a deep desire to make an impact on local communities the world over. What we see is the need for change and transformation and, this we believe can only be achieved through: Honesty, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, At Jomiso, our values trickle down right from the leadership team to all our engineers and supporting staff. Emphasis is thrown on providing services honestly that go beyond the call of duty to ensure that we achieve the most optimal results for our clients.