Flood & Disaster Management

Realtime inflow forecasting

Predicting the inflow and incoming volume of floods with the help of sophisticated technology and software can be a game-changer in minimising the adverse effects caused by floods. Realtime inflow forecasting allows communities to be prepared and ready with the right strategies and infrastructure in place. Jomiso boasts of a team of experts that have the experience and the capability to design the best-in-class systems to locate risks, estimate expected damages, forecast floods and inundation phenomena. These are identified based on real-time analysis of meteorological situations and forecasts available at different time and space scales

Flood Forecasting

For several years, Jomiso has been working with clients worldwide to develop systems that predict when and where flooding may occur and use these insights to ensure people are informed and secure through the occurrence. Preparedness for these floods is highly dependent on authentic meteorological and hydrological forecasting technology, followed by adequate and timely dissemination to authorities responsible for civil protection. Additionally, Jomiso provides guidelines and protocols for any incoming flood to ensure that people are evacuated and moved to safer locations well before a flood has affected an area.

Inundation Mapping

Flooding is becoming an ever-increasing problem in communities the world over. To combat these challenges, Jomiso helps community leaders by developing flood maps to show high-risk locations, moderate-to-low risk and undetermined-risk areas. Our maps and flood boundaries are created with unique geographical and historical data obtained through hydraulic and hydrologic analysis. These maps improve planning, property protection measures, and evacuation options much before floods occur. Governments can determine cost-effective mitigation measures and the need for flood insurance, thus lowering future costs in response, repair and recovery.

Decision Support Systems

As urbanisation increases in many locations worldwide, floods are becoming frequent due to bad planning and infrastructure. Jomiso’s flood decision support system is built with the latest advancements in geographic information systems, hydrologic models, numerical weather prediction, and information technology. We use an integrated approach using our experience and understanding with virtual modelling tools to develop and assist in decision making during different phases of flood management. Our systems are capable of addressing both engineering and non-engineering issues related to flood management.