Integrated Water Resource Management

Hydraulic Modelling - Rainfall Run-off, River, Reservoirs

Jomiso provides a vast range of expertise in hydraulic and hydrological modelling solutions. Our models enable improved understanding and management of water resources, asset performance, evaluation, planning and budgeting for new construction, maintenance and resilience. Hydraulic modelling also allows governments to make informed decisions for increased security and preparedness for operational emergencies.

Surface & Groundwater Management

Growing populations paired with climate change has had negative ramifications on surface and groundwater resources. Groundwater is one of the most preferred water sources because of its universal availability, dependability and cost. Jomiso helps transform water resources to enable adequate, good quality and recreational needs supplied through these water sources while being completely sustainable. We help decision-makers, and governing bodies develop more effective management and adaptation strategies for conjunctive water resource usage in facing climate change under complex uncertainties.

Stormwater Management

Clean freshwater is an essential commodity and limited in supply. Stormwater management helps harvest runoff rainwater or melted snow into streets, lawns and other sites while improving the water quality for the inhabitants of the land. Runoff water can also cause flooding, erosion, turbidity, sewer overflow and infrastructure damage. However, with the right infrastructure in place, communities can capture and reuse stormwater to maintain or restore natural hydrologies. Jomiso has a deep understanding of local, state, and national standards, with the right expertise and the experience to tackle any stormwater challenge. We help governing bodies develop a customised stormwater strategy, interpret and meet compliances, and ensure cost-effective solutions.

Watershed Planning and Management

The goal of watershed management is to plan and work towards an environmentally and economically healthy watershed that benefits all who have a stake. Jomiso’s planning process integrates social, economic and ecological concerns that give rise to desired resource conditions. We have helped numerous towns and communities implement engineered wetlands and watersheds that reduce the loading of pollutants reaching environmentally sensitive locations. We also help preserve sensitive watersheds and suggest water management plans that address these areas’ current and future needs. Our services empower decision-makers to consider cost-effective solutions that perform effectively in collaboration with the natural environment.

Climate Risk and Resilience Services

Climate change is real and is already affecting multiple locations across the globe. It affects people, assets and systems in more ways than one. Jomiso works with local governing bodies and decision-makers to quantify climate risks and their adverse impact on particular geography and its inhabitants. We provide customised strategies and critical insights to manage current and future unforeseen climate risks. We identify mitigation and adaptation actions that decision-makers can implement.

We strive to innovate and create sustainable water management solutions that safeguard water supplies, restore rural, suburban, and urban environments while improving the standard of living and overall quality of life. Our clients find the core of our value in achieving a harmonious balance between innovation, water infrastructure development, and sustainability, ensuring land and all its elements are in perfect symphony with each other.