GIS-based Services and Solutions

Satellite Remote Sensing and Drone Survey

Satellite remote sensing and drones are opening up new frontiers in nearly every facet of life and industry. Enhance the ability to understand your land, resources, and challenges using highly detailed insights collected by our aerial survey technology. Get access to the latest robust mapping, geospatial analytics, geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI), and modelling tools. Jomiso is equipped with in-class technology that helps you achieve richer business insights and flexible deployment options for managing, mapping, analysing, visualising, and sharing your imagery and raster data.

GIS Solutions

Surveyors depend on various software and technology to gather existing information, collect and analyse new data, produce plans, manage projects, and deliver accurate results. GIS technology brings these functionalities to life and onto one platform for easy access, governance and analysis. Over the years, Jomiso has added expertise in building fully functional GIS solutions and software for numerous clients around the globe. We have developed solutions that are cost-effective, powerful, scalable and accurate. Jomiso’s GIS software solution capabilities span many data formats used in the field and offices. Surveyors can now provide data to various agencies in required formats while maintaining the data’s core integrity.

Web and Mobile Application Development

Our collective experience and expertise in the water domain have led us to be one of the leading names in water resource engineering and management. Over the years, we’ve added technology to spearhead our engagement with clients and our clients with theirs. We have built solid partnerships and acquired deep expertise in building mobile and web apps tailored for the water industry. Our applications come with the added value of pre-existing knowledge of the water domain. They are intuitive, user-friendly, scalable and highly effective in the everyday use of data input, exchange and management.

Geo Analytical Services

There is a growing need for accurate data to support water resource awareness and to influence emergency management decisions taken by local governments. Geospatial data obtained from satellite imagery show discharge, inundation, water velocity, ancillary geomorphology, and hydrology data that are critical towards making effective decisions to protect local communities against unforeseen disasters or circumstances. Jomiso has the capability to integrate multiple tool sets with various decision support systems to determine and report salient issues related to flood events. This data is analysed, interpreted, and shared within a common operating GIS, enabling other decision makers to collaborate even when geographically apart. We use state-defined analytical protocols to support monitoring programs, site assessments, remedial investigations and more.

As specialists with over a decade in soil and groundwater analysis, Jomiso has a successful track record of analytical method development and validation to best service your analytical needs beyond traditional methodologies.